What do all of these different types of oils mean?  Isolate is generally 99.9% CBD only oil with little or no additional cannabinoids.  This works well for sleep and anxiety, as well as other conditions, and has no detectable THC.  Full spectrum oils are sometimes called whole plant extracts and generally contain all of the cannabinoids available from the plant.  This may also contain up to the legally allowable 0.3% THC.  Studies seem to show that this minuscule amount of THC enhances the pain relieving benefits of the other cannabinoids to provide a piggy back or “entourage” effect for pain relief.  There is no high or intoxication but it may provide the greatest benefits for pain relief or seizure disorders.  Finally, broad spectrum oils generally provide the benefits of multiple cannabinoids but without THC.  Again, this may provide the best pain relief without the THC.  We often recommend either isolate or broad spectrum for those with Commercial Drivers Licenses or employees with zero THC tolerance drug screen programs.